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  1. Ode to The Ocean

From the recording My Way Home

Produced by George Rezendes and Micaela Kingslight
Recorded and mixed by George Rezendes at ToolShed SoundLab, Port Townsend Wa.
Mastering and assistant engineering by Camelia Jade Lazenby

Micaela Kingslight - Vocals, guitar, ukulele, mandolin, hand drum
David Conklin - bass
Tomoki Sage - drums
Cameron Dalsimer – drums on Lady Lost Her Mind and When the Light Shines Out
George Radebaugh - Hammond B3 and Fender Rhodes
Jonathan Doyle - Saxophone
Aimee Ringle, Mia Kelly, Bonnie Obremski, Samara Jade, Piper Dunlap, Lindsay Hamilton and George Rezendes - Background vocals on Breathe Together
George Rezendes - bass on People Say and a little guitar here and there.


Ode To The Ocean
Written by Micaela Kingslight © 2019

Oh sweet water, cleanses my soul.
I sit beside her and gaze into her depths below.

She moves like forever,
following the moon.

Her song is a feather,
drifting in on the wind to you.

Oh I want to surrender, to her waves
cause then, I would never
leave this shore again.

Oh sweet water, you are the one
that holds us together and lets the rivers run.

You move with the weather,
following the tune of life
worse or better,
written whichever way you choose.

Oh let’s just surrender, to her waves
cause then, we would never
leave this shore again.