As a lifelong professional musician, Micaela Kingslight has gone through many different musical incarnations.  Growing up touring with her musician parents who ranged from folk to opera and had her recording in professional studios by age 5, she began playing piano and composing original songs when she was 8 and performing in Austin Texas by age 9.  She began playing bass and later guitar when she was 11 and quickly learned she had a knack for picking up any music by ear and mimicking different styles easily.  By the time she was 15 she was teaching her friends and her friend’s parents how to play guitar and, through largely her own explorations, began teaching and performing professionally by the time she was 20.

She roamed from blues, metal, rock, classical and folk blending styles and creating her own unique sound while touring with various projects with the most notable being her band Fly Paper, who toured for 8 years before she moved to Washington State.  All the while she held a vision of healing through musical expression and exploration.

It wasn’t until she found her community in Port Townsend Washington that she really began to deepen into her passion for healing through music and somatic movement coupled with her experience as a yoga and music teacher.  She formed her own brand called Fretboard yoga, teaching music through wholistic exercises and songs as well as became certified to teach Vocal Yoga which is a somatic approach to vocal wellness.

During this time she met Aimee Ringle and Samara Jade and they formed the band Three Wheels Turning which is a braid of their individual songs with three part harmonies and powerhouses of instrumentality.

Micaela has two solo albums, four albums of her original music with Fly Paper and Three Wheels Turning released their first album in 2023.

On her own, her style is along the lines of medicine music with influences like Peia, Ayla Schafer, Marya Stark and Ayla Nero, and all her friends in her town including Alexa Sunshine Rose, Andy Fisher-Price and Pepper Proud.   She adds a bluesy flare paired with fiercely elegant guitar playing decorated with poignant lyrics that are easy to sing along with.  She also writes song circle music which has been shared throughout the Singing Alive community and beyond.  She has toured in every state in the US and has played extensively in Mexico, Guatemala, Columbia, Europe and Turkey.

Micaela is also an independent music producer creating her next album with the help of her trio, Andy Fischer-Price, Alexa Sunshine Rose, Rafe Pearlman and many other incredible musicians she has met on her travels around the world.

photo by Jenny Lee Light