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New album

Produced by George Rezendes and Micaela Kingslight 

Recorded and mixed by George Rezendes at ToolShed SoundLab, Port Townsend Wa. 

Mastering and assistant engineering by Camelia Jade Lazenby 

The album is done!!!   

Hello friends! 

I'm so full of joy and huge amounts of gratitude as I send out this update.  The album is done at last!  We had some set backs, and took our time to do it right so won't be getting the physical discs out this month but will be sending you the digital copies this weekend as promised.  I was informed that it was better to release the album officially in the new year so it will be "new all year,"  which makes sense.  I'm learning as I go here, doing all my own graphic design to set up the album for replication, setting up distribution with CDbaby, promoting and publishing so it's a slow process.  I will be sending everyone who pre-ordered the album a download link on the 21st.  Please let me know if you aren't able to access it and I'll try another way.  There will also be a special tab on this site for "subscribers" with the entire album to stream if you aren't able to download.  

Thank you again so much for caring about this project!  I couldn't do it without you.  

Big love,



Midway update  

Greetings everybody, 

I hope you all have had an great summer!  With all the very scary things happening in our world, sometimes it's difficult to feel that the things we do matter.   I've found mysef feeling guilty that I can't do more to help our planet and focus on making music so much.  A dear friend told me that it's important to continue to making our art, creating beauty in our communities and bringing people together so that is what I'm doing every day.  Music can be such a driving force for change and I hope these songs will be a balm to heal and inspire.  I continue to be so grateful to all of you for making this recording possible. 

We had to take some time off from the project for George, our studio engineer/producer, to get ready for his son's wedding and there has been a lot of travel to see family, but we are back working on overdubs for guitar and vocals this week!  We hope to have a simple EP ready for my trip back to Michigan to play the Earthworks Harvest Gathering on Sept 20 so I'll be able to share some of my favorite songs as they are in process of being finished.   It always takes longer than planned so thank you for your patience.  Every available day will be spent getting this music out to you.  Stay tuned on my website for new videos and sneak peaks of recordings.